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Property Management Maintenance Supervisor

GENERAL JOB SUMMARY: The primary responsibility of the Property Management Maintenance Supervisor (PMMS) is to assist the Property Management Facilities Operations Manager (PMFOM) in the operations of facility and grounds maintenance, capital improvements, tenant finish-out, other duties relevant to department functions. Areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to: 1) supervision of maintenance to physical structures, utility systems and improvements of properties as assigned; 2) develop benchmark work standards and ensure compliance by technicians and contractors; 3) tracking and review of expenditures related to materials, inventory, and contractors; 4) remote and onsite supervision, coordination, and direction of employees engaged in maintenance and repair; 5) emphasis on creating measurable results and meeting customer service expectations.

Work Hours:

WORK HOURS: The work week is 40 – 45 hours, Monday through Friday from 8 am – 5 pm with a one-hour lunch break. Additional hours during weekdays, evenings and weekends are necessary as workload and projects require. On-Call response is required as scheduled.

Education & Training:


  • High School graduate (or equivalent), college degree preferred
  • Advanced technical training and certifications preferred
  • Ten (10) years or more experience in maintenance and repair of facilities sufficient to perform and/or supervise the duties of this position preferred
  • Five (5) years of experience in the supervision of others preferred
  • Proficient in MS Office suite, with high skill level in Excel and Outlook
  • Hydraulic and pneumatics experience preferred, but limited to lifts
  • Experience ordering parts/supplies and maintaining an inventory to minimize downtime
  • Respirator certification required

Background Requirements:


  • A valid state driver’s license, personal vehicle, vehicle insurance and a good driving record are required. Position requires travel and is authorized for mileage reimbursement.
  • Must meet requirements of Physical Skills Assessment

Essential Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:



  • Must be able to report to work punctually and regularly as scheduled and use time effectively
  • Must be able to maintain appropriate dress, grooming and hygiene habits according to company policies
  • Must be able to follow and prioritize directions from several people and work well with minimal supervision
  • Must be able to work as a team leader and a team member with all employees to foster a productive and cohesive work environment
  • Must be able to maintain a positive attitude and interact with staff members and others professionally
  • Must possess effective reasoning and deductive ability
  • Must be able to learn new products, features, and procedures
  • Must be organized, detail oriented and able to adapt to expanding workloads
  • Must be able to organize time and tasks effectively and complete projects in a timely fashion
  • Must be able to read and write reports and communicate proficiently in English language
  • Must be able to lead a multi-disciplined team as a supervisor and in a technical capacity


  • Must have willingness and ability to perform maintenance and repair work as needed/required.
  • Must be able to lead a multi-discipline team as a supervisor and in a technical capacity
  • Must have working knowledge of maintenance methods and equipment across all disciplines
  • Must be able to maintain a safe work environment, prevent accidents, operate equipment safely and treat equipment with care in accordance with OSHA standards
  • Must have experience in a variety of tasks involved in the maintenance and repairs of buildings
  • Must be able to read and comprehend blueprints and research and apply requirements associated with code
  • Must be able to read, understand and apply all product Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Must be able to use circuit testers, saws and drills or other routine maintenance equipment
  • Must be able to communicate with technical specialists and interpret technical drawings and specifications

Essential Job Functions & Duties:



  1. Regularly follows up on assigned work to ensure repair tasks are carried out and customers’ needs are met
  2. Proactively identifies needs of customers and resolves issues accordingly
  3. Ensures consistent provision of services to customers and tenants
  4. Develops work standards and creates the benchmark by which technicians carry out tasks
  5. Establishes and implements preventative maintenance programs and ensures compliance with codes
  6. Drafts written procedures to convey work standards in formats specific to maintenance operations
  7. Expedites and dispatches staff as needed to resolve scheduled and unscheduled repair issues
  8. Facilitates, supervises, and monitors daily activities of staff using the following, but not limited to: Service Request System, Service Calendars, Property Inspection Forms, and Repair Tracking Documents
  9. Prepares reports specific to services provided to facilities/tenants: Service Request summary, Fleet audits, etc.
  10. Uses department Intranet site to document rendered services, convey status of repair projects, and populate with content specific to repair procedures
  11. Collaborates with others on team-related projects to reach common goals
  12. Uses project/task management software to track and convey status on assigned work
  13. Uses SharePoint to create and post content specific to tenants needs
  14. Participates and prepares in advance for meetings providing reports, summaries, and estimates in the process


  1. Routinely assesses property conditions through regular documented inspections
  2. Determines repair priorities, addresses critical repair issues, mitigate damage, and creates alternate solutions
  3. Conveys results of inspections and repair determinations to staff and supervisors to track progress
  4. Communicates results of repair actions taken to the customer using provided tools: Service Request system, email, and personal interaction
  5. Ensures maintenance responses are documented for future assessment by others as needed


  1. Hires, trains, and disciplines maintenance staff and document accordingly
  2. Supervises the Property Management Maintenance Field Coordinator (PMMFC) efforts to coordinate needs specific to fire and security systems, access systems and keys
  3. Supervises the PMMFC efforts to coordinate safety inspections and development of safety training
  4. Sets goals and define performance expectations regularly and administer quarterly progress reviews
  5. Maintains effective communication with assigned staff; both verbal (i.e., coffee talks) and written
  6. Schedules Property Management Maintenance Technician (PMMT) according to forecasted workloads; assigns special projects
  7. Writes and presents evaluations, prepares quarterly reviews and develops staff further to meet expectations
  8. Provides positive feedback/rewards through verbal praise, appreciation certificates, etc.
  9. Develops corrective action plans, reviews and councils and maintains documentation as required
  10. Resolves employee conflict and provides documented coaching and counseling
  11. Develops an effective, positive and proactive team that works together to achieve assigned objectives
  12. Assists and backups all maintenance positions in all capacities as needed


  1. Ensures storage and shop areas are in a neat, well-stocked, clean and organized manner
  2. Ensures sufficient inventories of tools, parts, and supplies; makes timely purchases to meet supply needs
  3. Ensures the safe use, control and storage of supplies and equipment
  4. Maintains systems for monitoring, tracking and analyzing:
  • Service requests
  • Repair and maintenance logs
  • Purchase patterns of supplies and miscellaneous items
  • Compliance with OSHA standards
  • Equipment
  1. Regularly inspects TMC properties
  2. Ensures completion of maintenance tasks; inspects and responds as needed to repair involving:
  3. Plumbing
  4. Electrical
  5. Mechanical
  6. HVAC
  1. Maintains property plans used to identify:
  • Utility mains
  • Hydrant locations
  • Irrigation lines
  • Lighting and signage
  • Safety features
  1. Schedules and supervises outside contractors:
  • Establishes positive relationships and communications with multiple vendors
  • Solicits bids and negotiates price
  • Schedules and supervises special projects
  • Works on call to support contractors
  1. Supervises turn-key operations; both completed in-house and contractors
  2. Overall responsibility for facility maintenance and building systems:
  • Timers
  • Facility Management Systems
  • Irrigation controllers
  • Water Softener Systems
  1. Oversees and ensures specifications in the Integrated Pest Management Plan are followed
  2. Works with staff to maximize renewals/certifications by performing maintenance procedures
  3. Responds to needs outside of regular work hours
  • Performs On-Call duties to support the efforts of other On-Call Technicians and/or contractors
  • Ensures that work areas are cleaned up after work is completed
  • Ensures that spills are cleaned when custodians are unavailable
  1. Supervises the mowing, edging, and weeding of landscaped areas as assigned/or when needed
  2. Ensures that power washing of sidewalks, parking lots, roofs, etc. is done thoroughly
  3. Assists the Property Management Department Director (PMD) and PMFOM as needed
  4. Must be punctual and reliable in attendance

Customer Service Skills:


    1. Practice proactive communication with internal/external customers, to include but limited to:
      1. Response to work orders and critical calls
      2. Follow-up with customers as required
      3. Address complaints & related quality control measures
    2. Create and distribute information/relevant material to inform customers of service issues
    3. Develop special arrangements required to accommodate customer needs
    4. Interact with co-workers in other departments to promote teamwork and good customer service

Working Conditions & Risks:

WORKING CONDITIONS AND RISKS: Work is both inside and outside. Work is indoors in assigned TMC facilities under well-lighted, heated and cooled conditions. Also works outdoors for controlled periods of time to facilitate yard, grounds and building exterior upkeep as assigned. The PMMS will need to tolerate temperature changes when going in and out of (or to and from) one facility to another. Job hazards are estimated to be minimal (low risk). Maintenance Supervisor will be exposed to water, detergents, other custodial cleaning products, insecticide, trash, dirt, grime and refuse from the clinics. Potential hazards include: using routine housekeeping, custodial and yard chemicals and in the maintenance of equipment; working around washers, dryers, freezers, HVAC systems, medical and office equipment, power tools and electrical outlets; position involves the risk of exposure to blood or other potentially infectious bodily fluids. The PMMS is expected to be safety conscious at all times.


Physical Requirements:


  • Strength Requirements: Light to Medium work – lifting and opening boxes weighing 70 pounds; must be able to lift from floor to waist level occasionally.
  • Required body position(s): Standing and moving about for long periods of time; work while sitting at desks and using computers for prolonged periods of time; walking on carpeted, tiled, concrete, asphalt and other various surfaces.
  • Staff Agility: Position requires lifting of objects from one level to another, from floor to shoulder height.
  • Must be able to work in confined areas (under sinks, above ceilings) and on roofs.
  • Climbing and/or Balancing: Maintain balance over carpeted, tiled, concrete, asphalt and other various surfaces. Occasionally will need to use ladders of step and extension type that have 300lb limitation.
  • Stooping, Bending, Kneeling, Crouching and/or Crawling: Stooping required to pull stored items and operate equipment, squats required to lift items from floor area.
  • Reaching, Handling, Fingering, and/or Feeling: Reaches horizontally, up, down and to the side to obtain and use stored items or equipment. Repetitive motion consists of extended periods of upper body and upper limb movements (arms, hands and wrists).
  • Talking (correctable): Must be able to speak plainly enough for listener to understand conversational tone of voice at a five (5) foot distance when communicating with others.
  • Hearing (correctable): Must be able to hear conversational tone of voice at five (5) foot distance in a clinic setting or while any equipment is in operation.
  • Seeing (correctable): Must be able to see people coming and going, must be able to read and understand printed material (in English); must be able to read instruments and gauges; must be able to see work that needs to be done.

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