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Full Time

Finance/Payroll Coordinator

The Finance/Payroll Coordinator (FPC) will process monthly doctor payroll and will also process bi-weekly employee payroll (which includes: file maintenance, editing and report generation using timekeeping software; employee file maintenance, entry of payroll data, transmission, and report generation using payroll software; preparation of financial and management reports; calculation of special payments; and preparing checks for distribution). Also enters accounts payable invoices. Based on business requirements, on occasion, PC will be expected to perform other duties within the billing office as assigned by supervisor.

Work Hours:

The normal work-week is 35-40 hours/week full-time, Monday through Friday as scheduled, or 15-34 hours/week for part-time position as scheduled. Occasional overtime or variations (including evenings and Saturdays) may be required or authorized.

Education & Training:

  • Must have High School diploma or GED
  • Must have one of the following:
    • 4 years related work experience
    • Certification from vocational school plus 3 years related work experience

Essential Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Must possess good customer service skills
  • Must possess effective reasoning and deductive ability
  • Must be organized, detail oriented and able to adapt quickly to stressful work environment
  • Must be able to work in team environment, as well as independently
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English (grammar, spelling, writing, and verbal skills)
  • Must be able to read, correctly interpret and follow written guidelines/protocols
  • Must be able to learn and apply new skills
  • Must be able to prioritize multiple tasks to work efficiently
  • Must have the ability to self-check to minimize errors
  • Must have the ability to use personal initiative for self-direction of work projects
  • Must have good basic knowledge of payroll and accounting principles, and be comfortable working with numbers and organizing paperwork
  • Must consistently exhibit mature and tactful attitude
  • Must maintain absolute confidentiality when dealing with payroll, accounting and medical information
  • Accurate use of the 10-key adding machine by touch required
  • Good computer and keyboarding skills: Microsoft Word and Excel required, Outlook preferred
  • Payroll and accounting software experience preferred
  • Ability to communicate in Spanish helpful

Essential Job Functions & Duties:

Payroll Processing For Employees
  1. Updates employee maintenance as changes are received from HR (i.e. W-4, direct Deposit, reports to)
  2. Reviews timecards to identify potential problems
    1. Verifies all employees have 10 shifts with at least 6 hrs/shift
    2. Corrects PTO and other identified problems
  3. Prepares information for data entry
    1. Calculates retroactive pay
    2. Calculates on-call and Buddy pay amounts
    3. Calculates Physical Therapy bonus, prints, attaches documentation and copies (last pay period of each month)
  4. Creates batches and imports regular and overtime hours, temporary rates and locations, paid time off (PTO), deductions and other earnings each pay period
  5. Balances each batch to documentation
  6. Transmits current payroll to payroll vendor
  7. Retrieves preview, reviews for errors, corrects errors and retransmits
  8. Releases payroll for processing once all identified errors are corrected (must be done by 4:00 pm three days prior to pay date)
  9. Retrieves files and starts new payroll cycle
  10. Calculates and prepares manual checks as necessary
  11. Files payroll documents
Paycheck Distribution For Employees
  1. Mails manual checks requested by employees by Thursday before payday
  2. Distributes manual checks and sign-out sheet to employees
  3. Delivers manual checks to Austin courier on morning of payday to be delivered to Southpark Clinic for distribution to Austin area employees
Payroll Processing For Multiple Entities
  1. Validates payroll file from accounting
  2. Manipulates file for payroll processing
  3. Updates new and leaving employees
  4. Updates benefit, tax changes and 401k changes, etc.
  5. Processes new employees
  6. Processes terminated employees
  7. Processes a file for each physician
  8. Processes a timecard from eTime for Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  9. Uploads file to ADP and validates totals and each employee for accuracy
  10. Finalizes payroll
  11. Validates quarterly, yearly reporting for Social Security, taxes and work comp, etc.
Payroll Reports
  1. Selects report and changes criteria if needed for ADP Custom Reports, prints report or saves as CSV file, distributes or e-mails to recipient (unless otherwise indicated, all reports to be completed by Friday following pay date)
    1. Disability Deduction report
    2. Medical Deductions Report
  2. Enters data, updates formulas, balances to payroll reports, updates links, prints and distributes or e-mails to recipient for Excel Reports (all reports to be completed by Friday following pay date)
    1. Overtime Report
    2. TMC Bonus Report
Accounts Payable Accounts Payable (Weekly, Monthly and on Demand)
  1. Enters accounts payable invoice data into the accounting software
  2. Balances data entry batches
  1. Interacts with staff members professionally
  2. Follows company policies and procedures (time and attendance, appropriate attire, etc)
  3. Correctly uses office equipment
  4. Works safely
  5. Other duties as assigned
  6. Must be punctual and reliable in attendance

Customer Service Skills:

  1. Meets the service of patients, internal customers and external customers
  2. Resolves problems identified by patients, internal customers and external customers
  3. Follows through on commitments
  4. Interacts with co-workers in other departments in a manner that promotes teamwork facilitates company goals

Working Conditions & Risks:

Work is normally indoors in a well-lighted and seasonally heated and cooled business office. Job hazards are estimated to be minimal (low risk). Potential risk exists from accidents while using routine office equipment or from storing and moving files.

Physical Requirements:

Position requires prolonged sitting and computer use, as well as some walking and standing. Repetitive motion consists of extended periods of upper limb movements including arms, hands, and wrists. Good vision, good hearing, and clear speech required (all correctable). Capable of lifting 30 pounds of weight or more on an occasional basis (such as boxes of supply items or stored records).

Job Location

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