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Medical Assistant

All Techs are considered professionals whose duties consist primarily of assisting the physician(s) in treatment and follow-up care of patients.  As such, all members are considered an integral part of the professional staff.  In undertaking their duties, all professionals are to act independently, being responsible for their actions to the physician and/or charge person on duty.  Techs are to act in accordance with the highest professional medical standards of personal behavior and concern for the patients’ well being.


At Texas MedClinic, the term “Tech” is an all-inclusive term to include all medical assistants, nurses, x-ray technicians, radiology technologist, lab technicians, EMT’s and any other medically trained person who is employed.

Work Hours:

The normal full time work week is a 35-40 hour week, which may consist of day, evening, weekend, on-call and/or holiday shifts as scheduled.  Fewer than 35 hours a week constitutes part-time status.

Education & Training:

  • High school diploma (or equivalent)
  • Proficient at spelling, grammar and medical math.
  • MA or nurse’s training, certification or training and on-the-job experience or military experience
  • The ability to read, learn new skills, communicate in English
  • Follow directions and work efficiently
  • Operate all necessary office or medical equipment safely is paramount
  • Must be able to triage, draw blood, give injections and communicate with patients
  • After 3 months, Techs should be able to complete all tasks with minimal supervision
  • Proof of certification and/or credentials is required.

Essential Duties, Skills & Abilities:

  1. The Essential Duties by category required of a Medical Assistant (“Tech”) are:
    1. Patient preparation, including vital signs, setting up equipment, gowning patients as needed, vision and audio screens, and urinalysis, etc.
    2. Eye and ear procedures
    3. Physicals and drug screen collection
    4. Sterile technique, instrument care, laundering, and autoclave procedures
    5. Orthopedic procedures
    6. Respiratory procedures
    7. Emergency procedures
    8. Medications, injections, and IV’s
    9. Laboratory procedures
    10. Communicate effectively with patients, pharmacies, physicians offices and testing facilities
    11. Spirometry testing
    12. Clinic chore roster duties as delegated
    13. Ancillary duties and any other tasks which the individual is qualified or trained to perform
    14. Employee must be fully MA proficient within the first year of employment
    15. For MAX: radiology procedures (fully qualified within 18 months of employment)
    16. Any other tasks which the individual is qualified or trained to perform
  2. All “Essential Duties” of the Receptionist may also be required of the Techs
  3. All Techs must follow the “grooming and conduct” guidelines described in the Employee Handbook.
  4. All Techs are required to meet x-ray proficiency training requirements within the prescribed time limits to achieve MAX status
  5. All Techs must maintain current First Aid/CPR and BAT certification
  6. Quality control (QC) duties may be assigned to selected MAs

Working Conditions & Risks:

Work is indoors in a well lighted, and seasonally heated and cooled clinic.  Job hazards are estimated to be minimal (low risk).  Potential risk exists from accidents while using routine office equipment or from exposure to blood or other potentially infectious bodily fluids.

Physical Requirements: (correctable)

Tech positions require prolonged standing, walking, sitting, and use of hands and fingers.  Repetitive motion consists of extended periods of upper limb movements (arms, hands, and wrists).  Good vision, good hearing, and clear speech required. Capable of lifting 20-50 pounds of weight on an occasional basis.

  1. Strength Requirements: Medium to heavy work – lifting 20 to 50 pound boxes of patient charts, medical supplies, and positioning patients on tables, especially x-ray tables.
    1. Required body positioning(s): standing and walking on carpeted and tile floor. Must be able to stand at the x-ray machine and position a patient on the x-ray table.  Must be able to raise the arms to position the overhead surgical light, and collimate the x-ray machine.  Must also be able to work at the permanent counter-top work area.
    2. Staff Agility: Must be able to lift objects from one level to another, and reach different types of office and medical equipment; must be able to raise the arms above the head to position the overhead surgical light.
  2. Climbing and/or Balancing: Must be able to maintain balance over carpeted and tiled surfaces; will occasionally stand on step stool or ladder to obtain objects from cabinets or shelves
  3. Stooping, Kneeling, Crouching and/or Crawling: Stooping may be required to obtain supplies from low cabinets; squats may be required to lift items from the floor area.
  4. Reaching, Handling Fingering, and/or Feeling
    1. Must be able to reach above the head to position the overhead surgical light, collimate the x-ray machine, and obtain supplies from overhead cabinets. Must be able to reach horizontally, up and down to access equipment.  Must be able to use a typewriter, calculator, copy machine, and other office and/or medical equipment.
    2. Must be able to work with papers at counter-top height. Hands and arms are extended while working at sign-in desk or counter tops.
  5. Talking and/or Hearing:
    1. Talking – must be able to speak plainly enough for listener to understand conversational tone of voice at 5 foot distance when communicating with co-workers and patients.
    2. Hearing – must be able to hear conversational tone of voice at 5-foot distance in the clinic setting while any equipment is in operation.
  6. Seeing: Must be able to see patients coming in the door or leaving to assess needs, and read printed forms.
  7. Working around Fumes/Odors/Chemicals: Job involves working around various chemicals, e.g. for x-ray, autoclave, etc.  Employee must be able to read and utilize the information on a Material
  8. Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to safely and correctly use these chemicals and use necessary personal protective equipment.
  9. Personal Protective Equipment Used:
    1. Gloves, impervious gowns and face shields must be worn when coming in contact with blood or other body fluids
    2. Red “bio-hazard” bags must be used for all trash containing blood or other body fluids. Sharps containers must be used for disposal of all sharp instruments, e.g., injectable needles, blades, and suture needles
    3. Film badges will be worn while performing x-rays; lead aprons and gloves will be worn when appropriate

Safety Practices/Training:

  1. Employee Training: In-house training will include safety when working around bloodborne pathogens and the handling and storage of chemicals used within the workplace.  Training will be provided using personal protective equipment, first aid procedures, spill control and exposure control procedures.  Initial and then yearly formal training regarding the HAZCOM program will be given.  Updated information will be presented at monthly staff meetings as required.
  2. Written Programs:  The written programs for the above training will be presented and kept available         within the clinics, in manuals, for reference.  Included within these manuals are updated chemical lists,         Material Safety Data Sheets, copies of government regulations and laws that apply to the Texas MedClinic workplace.
  3. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): The MSDS gives you detailed information on health risks and safe handling for every chemical you will work with.  These are available in the work area.
  4. Warnings Labels: The warning labels list the chemical name, hazardous ingredients, and safety warnings on substances handled.  It also lists the chemical manufacturer’s name.

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