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Marketing Representative

The primary role of the Marketing Representative (MREP) is to provide assistance to the Marketing Department with general administrative tasks, onsite drug testing appointments for Texas MedClinic clients, and to attend health fairs to market Texas MedClinic services to the public. After training, the MREP is responsible for performing the duties assigned to the position accurately and efficiently with minimal supervision.  The MREP is expected to strictly adhere to the established practice and safety standards.

Work Hours:

Full-time: 35 to 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday as scheduled. Weekend hours may be required occasionally.

Education & Training:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Must be a Medical Assistant Receptionist (MAR)
  • Knowledge of medical terminology, its spelling and abbreviations preferred
  • Strong typing skills (35 wpm accurately)
  • Working knowledge of computers required

Background Requirements:

A valid state driver’s license, personal vehicle, vehicle insurance and a good driving record are required.  Position requires travel and is authorized for mileage reimbursement.

Essential Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills w/patients, clients and staff
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills (in English)
  • Communicate effectively with patients, staff, physicians and other providers (e.g. labs, pharmacies, specialty services) regarding medical care, treatment plans, etc.
  • Read, correctly interpret and follow written guidelines/protocols
  • Strong deductive reasoning/problem solving skills
  • Able to learn and apply new skills
  • Meet established training requirements including proficiency testing where applicable (BAT and DOT Drug Test Collector)
  • Work efficiently in a fast paced environment
  • Work independently with minimal supervision

Essential Job Functions & Duties: (as assigned)

  1. SMILE and be pleasant during all interactions with customers and staff
  2. Answers phones appropriately as directed
  3. Follows established documentation guidelines
  4. Answers client questions about onsite services, drug testing and Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT)
  5. Schedules onsite appointments, preparing kits for appointments, and reporting results of onsite services to clients
  6. Assists with Employer Profile (EP) updates in the EP software and NextGen
  7. Works directly with BDMR, BDMA or DBDM to solve billing related issues with employer accounts
  8. Assists BDMR with setting up Temporary Accounts as needed
  9. Creates employer packets for sales calls, health fairs and clinics
  10. Bills out all onsite services performed by the BDM Department and completes the end-of-day process for Accounting
  11. Reports drug tests results for current or potential TMC employees
  12. Checks department general email box and fax number
  13. Distributes EP update forms and New Account forms to correct staff member based on alpha assignments
  14. Provides support to the Client Service Representatives (CSR)
  15. Files materials for the BDM department
  16. Handles reporting positive and negative drug test results from onsite appointments including the MRO process
Onsite Services:
  1. Responsible for performing onsite at an employer place of business
  2. Packs the onsite kit with the correct supplies for each visit
  3. Reports out the results for drug testing, BAT testing, TB testing and vision testing
  4. Drug and Alcohol Testing:
    1. DOT Collections:
      1. Breath (BAT Certification)
      2. Urine (DOT DT Collector Certification)
    2.  Non-DOT collections and specimen handling:
      1. Breath
      2. Hair
      3. Urine
      4. Rapid Drug Testing (MedTox Certification)
  5. TB Testing
    1. MREP might have the potential to read TB testing 48 hrs after they have been applied. Ability to perform this function is dependent upon a review of medical knowledge and training by our Operations department
  6. Vision Testing
    1. Rosenbaum Vision Test
    2. Ishihara Vision Test
    3. Jaeger Vision Test
  7. Health Fairs
  8. Takes blood pressure or BMI readings during health fairs as requested
  9. Responsible for setting up and taking down booth at health fairs
  10. Assists BDMS in marketing Texas MedClinic services to patients, to include handing out brochures, answering questions about healthcare insurance and explaining our services
  11. Other duties as assigned

Customer Service Skills:

  1. Maintains or enhances self-esteem of patients/customers by:
    1. Not embarrassing them if they make a mistake
    2. Making them feel valued and respected
    3. Complimenting them on their good ideas, decisions & actions
  2. Listens and responds with empathy to patients/customers by:
    1. Listening closely to what they have to say
    2. Expressing understanding of their feelings
    3. Expressing understanding of how they have been frustrated by a problem
  3. Involves the patient/customers by:
    1. Asking for their ideas and suggestions
    2. Informing them about what is being done to meet their needs
    3. Offering options in the form of questions to allow for choices
  4. Gives and receives patients/customers feedback by:
    1. Asking them how well the service was provided
    2. Suggesting what alternative action could have been taken and why
    3. Accepting suggestions on how to improve the service that was provided
  5. Acknowledges patients/customers:
    1. Promptly and courteously
    2. With full attention
    3. By getting them help if not personally available to help at the moment
  6. Clarifies patient’s/customer’s needs by:
    1. Clearly understanding the need before taking action
    2. Clearly understanding what is wanted before offering a solution
    3. Giving pertinent information to help them make a decision about TMC services
  7. Meets or exceeds patients/customers expectations by:
    1. Taking responsibility for helping before they have to ask for help
    2. Handling routine situations promptly and efficiently
    3. Taking opportunities to do more than is expected
  8. Confirms patients/customers satisfaction by:
    1. Asking a question to determine if they were satisfied
    2. Following through on the commitments made to them
    3. Asking if they have received everything they needed or wanted
  9. Handles patient/customer problems by:
    1. Determining the source of dissatisfaction and taking responsibility to fix problem
    2. Asking questions to draw out possible dissatisfaction not offered
    3. Taking action to find solutions to their problems

Working Conditions & Risks:

Work is indoors in a well lighted, and seasonally heated and cooled clinic. Job hazards are estimated to be minimal (low risk). Potential risk exists from accidents while using routine office equipment. This position requires driving personal vehicle occasionally to and from other facilities or Client sites as part of work or training.

Physical Requirements: (Correctable)

The MKA# position requires some standing, walking, sitting, and using hands and fingers.  Good vision; good hearing; and clear speech required. Capable of lifting 20-50 pounds of weight on an occasional basis.

  1. Strength Requirements: Medium to heavy work – lifting 20 to 50 pound boxes of marketing material or supplies
    1. Required body positioning(s): standing and walking on carpeted and tile floor. Must be also able to work at the permanent counter-top work area
    2. Staff Agility: Must be able to lift objects from one level to another, and reach different types of office and medical equipment; must be able to raise the arms above the head to position the overhead surgical light
  2. Climbing and/or Balancing: Must be able to maintain balance over carpeted and tiled surfaces; will occasionally stand on step stool or ladder to obtain objects from cabinets or shelves
  3. Stooping, Kneeling, Climbing, Crouching and Squatting: Stooping may be required to obtain supplies from low cabinets; squats may be required to lift items from the floor area
    1. Access equipment. Must be able to use a typewriter, calculator, copy machine, and other office and/or medical equipment
    2. Must be able to work with papers at counter-top height. Hands and arms are extended while working at sign-in desk or counter tops
  4. Talking: Must be able to speak plainly enough for listener to understand conversational tone from a 5 foot distance when communicating with co-workers and patients
  5. Hearing: Must be able to hear conversational tone of voice at 5-foot distance during onsite or health fairs.
  6. Seeing: Must be able to see patients approaching booth or onsite area at client locations, must be able to explain pre-printed forms
  7. Personal Protective Equipment Used:
    1. Gloves must be worn when coming in contact with body fluids.
    2. Sharps containers must be used for disposal of all sharp instrument, e.g., injection needles, blades, and suture needles


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