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Information Technology Software Developer

The Information Technology Software Developer (ITSD) is responsible for reviewing, analyzing and modifying programming systems including coding, testing, debugging and documenting programs.

Work Hours:

A 40 to 45-hour workweek, with a flexible schedule.  The ITSD is required to fill on-call positions as assigned by the Information Technology Director (ITD).

Education & Training:

  • High school graduate required
  • One year of work experience is preferred
  • College degree in Computer Science or related discipline preferred
  • Experience with application design and development utilizing the Microsoft suite of tools ( C# / Visual Basic.Net and SQL Server required) including T-SQL
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript is preferred
  • Experience with Crystal Reports 9 preferred

Essential Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Self-directed and able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work as part of an agile development team and take guidance from Lead Software Developer
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English (excellent grammar, spelling, writing, and verbal skills)
  • Effective reasoning and deductive ability

Essential Job Functions & Duties:

  1. Responsible for design and programming applications front-end Graphical User Interface
  2. Responsible for design and programming applications business logic
  3. Responsible for design and programming applications data storage and retrieval
  4. Responsible for design and programming applications reporting
  5. Responsible for analysis and optimization of applications
  6. Develop existing applications by analyzing and identifying areas for modification
  7. Create test cases for Information Technology Department Staff to utilize during the testing process
  8. Responsible for initial testing to ensure included features are compliant with application design
  9. Document results of testing processes
  10. Document features and business logic rules incorporated into assigned applications
  11. Research, diagnose and correct software defects discovered by application end-users
  12. Integrate commercial and/or proprietary applications with existing applications
  13. Maintain appropriate version control of all assigned applications
  14. Interface with and participates in design teams for implementing new applications
  15. Provide on-going technical support of the proprietary applications
  16. Work on multiple projects simultaneously
  17. Complete assigned tasks within time allotted on project schedule
  18. Provide training to Information Technology Department staff as required
  19. Perform other duties assigned


  1. Display good verbal and written communication skills
  2. Maintain a good working relationship with supervisor, co-workers and clients
  3. Use good judgment and sound decision-making skills
  4. Show initiative and dependability
  5. Maintain professional appearance and grooming
  6. Practice safety on the job
  7. Must be punctual and reliable in attendance

Customer Service Skills:

  1. Maintains or enhances self-esteem of patients/customers
  2. Listens and responds with empathy to patients/customers
  3. Involve the patients/customers
  4. Gives and receives patients/customers feedback
  5. Acknowledges patients/customers courteously and with full attention
  6. Clarifies patients/customers needs understanding their need before taking action or offering a solution
  7. Meets or exceeds patients/customers expectations taking opportunities to do more than is expected
  8. Confirms patients/customers satisfaction by asking them if they received everything they needed or wanted
  9. Handles patient/customer problems by taking action to find solutions to their problems

Working Conditions & Risks:

Work is indoors in a well-lighted and seasonally heated and cooled office or clinic.  Job hazards are estimated to be minimal.  Potential risk exists from accidents while using routine office equipment.

Physical Requirements:

Position requires occasional need to lift heavy (20-40lbs) computer equipment or boxes form chest height to floor to chest height.  Prolonged sitting, sorting, moving about and intermittent typing approximately 4-6 hours per day routinely.  Good vision, good hearing, and clear speech required (correctable).  Repetitive motions consist of extended periods of upper body and upper limb movements (arms, hands and wrists).

  • Stooping, kneeling, crouching, and squatting: Stooping required to pull and file charts or forms and paper stored in this area.  Squats required to lift items form floor area.
  • Reaching, handling, fingering and/or feeling: Reaches horizontally to receive papers and forms form applicants. Reaches horizontally up, down and to the side to obtain and secure papers and make use of office equipment.  Must be able to use a typewriter.  Must be able to work with papers at the 42” level.
  • Talking, hearing and seeing: Must be able to speak and hear clearly enough for listener to understand conversational tone form a 5 foot distance when communicating with co-workers.  Must be able to read printed forms (in English).

Job Location

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