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Part Time

Finance Accounting Representative (FAR)

Work Hours:

Full-Time:  Workweek is 40 hours during the evening, Monday through Friday.  Part-Time:  Workweek is less than 29 hours per week, Monday through Friday. Weekend On-Call may be required.  Depending on workloads, some weekend and/or overtime hours may be required.

Education & Training:

High school graduate (or equivalent)

1-2 years of medical billing experience required

Basic skills in using routine office equipment: computer, copier, fax, and telephone

Essential Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills w/co-workers, customers and management staff

Must consistently exhibit mature and tactful attitude

Must be able to work in team environment, as well as independently

Must be organized, detail-oriented and able to adapt quickly to stressful work environment

Must maintain confidentiality when dealing with personal, company or medical information

Must be able to communicate effectively in English (grammar, spelling, writing, and verbal skills)

Must have ability to develop a working knowledge of all company software

Must have excellent attention-to-detail and organizational skills

Must have strong deductive reasoning/problem solving skills

Must be able to learn and apply new skills

Must be able to read and correctly interpret and follow written guidelines/protocols

Must be able to work in team environment, as well as independently with minimal supervision

Must be able to prioritize multiple tasks to work efficiently

Must have the ability to self-check to minimize errors

Must have the ability to use personal initiative for self-direction of work projects

Experience using 10-key adding machine preferred

Essential Job Functions & Duties:


  1. Prepares records for scanning by removing staples, checks condition of original and inserts new record inserts
  2. Scans document into electronic storage
  3. Performs control review, if assigned


  1. Alphabetizes and files
  2. Creates new files as needed
  3. Pulls, photocopies and organizes records as requested
  4. Organizes and faxes materials



  1. Assists with Payroll transactions
  2. Files personnel information
  3. Organizes the folder for each payroll
  4. Validates information made for 401K to our records here


  1. Assists with the year-end process for 38 companies
  2. Copies, inputs, and creates spreadsheets for different companies
  3. Creates multiple binders, makes copies and completes the items necessary to complete year-end


  1. Interacts with staff members professionally
  2. Follows company policies and procedures (time and attendance, appropriate attire, etc.)
  3. Correctly uses office equipment and time clock
  4. Works safely
  5. Other duties as assigned


Customer Service Skills:

Meets the service of patients, internal customers and external customers

Resolves problems identified by patients, internal customers and external customers

Follows through on commitments

Interacts with co-workers in other departments in a manner that promotes teamwork facilitates company goals

Job Location

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