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Client Services Representative

The primary role of the Client Services Representative (CSR) is to communicate effectively with and provide superior service to all Occupational Accounts, and to review all related paperwork to ensure that it is accurate and complete. The CSR must provide on-going superior service to both our internal and external customers and administrative support to other CSRs and clinic staff as required. The CSR is expected to strictly adhere to the established practice and safety standards.

Work Hours:

Full-Time: A 40-hour workweek (5 shifts), Monday through Friday as scheduled. Overtime and holiday coverage may be required or authorized.

Education & Training:

  • High school diploma or GED required
  • Graduation from an accredited vocational training program relevant to the position (Ex: Medical Office Specialist, Medical or Office Administrative Assistant, Associates Degree in Medical Administration) OR minimum of 1 year experience relevant to the position
  • Typing skills (30 wpm accurately)

Position Advancement:

The CSR position has an opportunity for advancement to CSR II after being in the position for 2 years and meeting the following requirements:

  • Must score at least a 3.40 on Annual – Date in Position Evaluations for last 2 years
  • Must not have a performance improvement plan in last 12 months
  • Must have good time and attendance with no suspension in last 12 months
  • Must not have written discipline in personnel file in last 12 months
  • Must have Client Services Manager (CSM) recommendation for promotion if applicable

The CSR II position has an opportunity for advancement to CSR III after being in the CSR-II position for 3 years (5+ years in Business Development position(s) of CSR/WCRC) and meeting the following requirements:

  • Must score at least a 4.00 on Annual – Date in Position Review for last 2 years
  • Must not have a performance improvement plan in last 12 months
  • Must have good time and attendance with no suspension in last 12 months
  • Must not have written discipline in personnel file in last 12 months
  • Must have excellent customer service (positive customer recognition, no serious complaints)
  • Must have CSM and Director of Business Development & Marketing (DBDM) recommendations for promotion if applicable

Essential Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills with patients, clients and staff
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills (in English)
  • Familiar with medical terminology, its spelling and abbreviations
  • Read, correctly interpret and follow written guidelines/protocols
  • Excellent attention-to-detail and organizational skills
  • Strong reasoning and deductive ability
  • Able to adapt quickly to stressful workloads
  • Work efficiently in a fast paced environment
  • Work independently with minimal supervision
  • Strong reasoning and deductive ability
  • Ability to learn and apply new skills
  • Working knowledge of computers and able to learn/use software
  • Maintain compliance with all Texas MedClinic policies

Essential Job Functions & Duties:

Work Related Injury Services
  1. Calls Designated Employer Representative (DER) and provide work status (TWCC-73) information on work related injuries/illnesses
  2. Provides “off work” information to employers STAT
  3. Referrals
    1. Obtains authorization
    2. Schedules specialty referrals
    3. Correlates information between specialist, insurance adjuster, patient and DER
  4. Informs DER of no-shows and/or rescheduled appointments
  5. Faxes TWCC-73 for both initial and follow up visits to DER AND insurance adjustors when applicable
  6. Physical Therapy (PT) notes
    1. Processes PT notes daily
    2. Scans into Whiteboard
    3. Provides to physician for review
    4. Notifies DER of changes in status or treatment
  7. Notifies the Impairment Coordinator of any request for scheduling of an Impairment Rating
  8. Ensures that TWCC-73 fees have been charged when indicated. If edit is needed, make the appropriate correction or notify billing
  9. Ensures all documents are scanned into Whiteboard
Occupational Services
  1. Non-DOT Drug Testing and DOT Drug Testing (only for assigned clinics)
    1. Checks lab results of drug test for accuracy (matching the information provided by the lab to the patients’ individual chart)
    2. Corrects errors in the lab report in the drug test software
    3. Reviews Chain of Custody Form (CCF) for accuracy
    4. Reviews all the information in the drug test software for negative results
    5. Reports the drug test results to DER
    6. Ensures all documentation has been scanned into Whiteboard and that visit notes are complete
  2. Positive Drug Test Results
    1. Positive Non-DOT Drug Tests:
      1. Calls patient, verifies identity and proceeds with reading patient their Miranda Rights. Starts the Medical Review Officer (MRO) checklist. If indicated, have the patient speak directly with the MRO.
      2. Ensures that CCF, Lab Drug test report, MRO checklist are scanned into Whiteboard
      3. Sends the MRO a task to print out the MRO checklist and review. MRO may need to contact donor to discuss test.
      4. Once a determination is made by the MRO, make the necessary changes to the drug test software, and report out the drug test results to the DER
    2. Positive DOT drug tests results:
      1. Calls the patient, verifies identity, and proceeds with reading the patient their Miranda Rights. Start the MRO checklist
      2. Ensures that CCF, Lab Drug Test Report, MRO checklist are scanned into Whiteboard
      3. Task the MRO to print out MRO checklist and contacts the donor so that MRO can discuss drug test directly with the donor
      4. Once a determination is made by the MRO, make the necessary changes to the drug test software and task the MRO to print and sign the form
      5. Report the drug test result to the DER
    3. Dilute Drug Test results
      1. Non-DOT drug test:
        1. Reports the result to the DER as ‘invalid”
        2. Emails the drug test results form and disclaimer statement
      2. DOT drug test results
        1. Reports the results to DER as “negative, dilute”
        2. Emails the drug test results form and disclaimer statement
        3. Prints out the drug test results form
        4. After MRO signs, CSR will scan drug test results form into Whiteboard
    4. DOT collections
      1. Faxes the MRO copy of the CCF to the fax number listed on the CCF within 24-hours of collection or the next business day
      2. Mails the employer copy of the CCF
    5. Reports all breath alcohol results to the DER (if needed) and adds the results to the drug test results form
  3. Physical Evaluations (PE)
    1. Calls DER and provides results of PE and ancillary services
    2. Ensures that DER is notified when a patient is disqualified for a position based on the job description
    3. Ensures that all documentation has been scanned into Whiteboard and that the visit notes are complete
  1. Provides copies of all occupational lab results, Immunizations, and TB testing to DER
  2. Prints the OCC/WRI Encounter Report from NextGen and verifies that all paperwork has been provided for these encounters
  3. Calls patient and DER if patient needs to return to clinic for a repeat or missed procedure (re: occupational services) and writes SOS report when indicated
  4. Answers basic workers compensation questions from insurance companies using information found in NextGen and Whiteboard and refers other calls to the WRI billing office
  5. NextGen
    1. Ensures correct employer is selected
    2. Checks that case and guarantor are correctly set
    3. Makes corrections as needed
  6. New/Updated accounts
    1. Notifies the Marketing Department of potential new/updated accounts a (i.e. new phone/fax numbers, new contact, etc.)
    2. Emails new account/update forms to employers when needed
Other Duties
  1. Check email and voicemail at least twice during the day; all phone calls and emails should be answered by the next business day
  2. Read and understand the CSR newsletter
  3. Check the CSR training website on the Intranet for updates and protocols
  4. Answer basic questions from insurance companies (i.e., information that is available in current medical or billing software); refer other calls to the Billing Office
  5. Answer basic questions on the insurances that Texas MedClinic accepts
  6. Answer incoming calls to the Client Service Center regarding occupational encounters, occupational services, and occupational accounts
  7. Cross train in the functions of all CSRs
  8. Assist in scanning medical records sent to the Client Service Center’s general fax
  9. Other duties as assigned
  10. Must be punctual and reliable in attendance

Customer Service Skills:

  1. Maintains or enhances self-esteem of patients/customers
  2. Listens and responds with empathy to patients/customers
  3. Involve the patients/customers
  4. Gives and receives patients/customers feedback
  5. Acknowledges patients/customers courteously and with full attention
  6. Clarifies patients/customers needs understanding their need before taking action or offering solution
  7. Meets or exceeds patients/customers expectations taking opportunities to do more than is expected
  8. Confirms patients/customers satisfaction by asking them if they received everything they needed or wanted
  9. Handles patient/customer problems by taking action to find solutions to their problems

Working Conditions & Risks:

Work is indoors in a well lighted and seasonally heated and cooled clinic.  Job hazards are estimated to be minimal (low risk).  Potential risk exists from accidents while using routine office equipment.

Physical Requirements:

  • Standing and sitting: Position requires prolonged sitting, some standing and walking
  • Lifting: Capable of lifting 20-30 pounds unassisted
  • Stooping, Kneeling, Crouching and Squatting: Stooping required pulling and filing charts. Squats required lifting items from floor area
  • Reaching, Handling, Fingering, and/or Feeling: Repetitive motions consist of extended periods of upper limb movements (arms, hands, and wrists); Use of hands and fingers to reach horizontally, to receive papers.  Reaches horizontally, up, down and to the side to obtain and secure papers and make use of office equipment. Must be able to work with papers at the 42″ level.
  • Talking, Hearing, and Seeing: Must be able to speak and hear clearly enough for listener to understand conversational tone from a 5-foot distance when communicating with co-workers and patients (all correctable).  Must be able to see patients coming in the door and leaving to access needs, and read printed forms (in English).

Job Location

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