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Full Time

Accounting Manager

In the leadership role, the Accounting Manager (AM) is expected to exemplify the Vision, Mission and Values of the organization and to help the staff meet the same professional standards through the training and direction provided.   The AM will manage the professional accounting and clerical staff and provides overall supervision for Accounting Functions, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Receivable Balancing and Tracking, Refunds; Medical Software Maintenance, and Accounting Department support functions. The AM will use knowledge of accounting principles and PC spreadsheet software to review or complete accounting functions, balance and reconcile reports and profit/loss statements. Verifies accuracy and makes recommendations for corrections. Other technical responsibilities include reporting for management and government agencies, development and monitoring of internal processes, and serving as back up to all positions in the Accounting Section.  Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Work Hours:

The normal workweek is 40-50 hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a one-hour lunch.  Some variations may be required or authorized.

Education & Training:

  • High School Graduate or equivalent (minimum)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting required
  • CPA or CMA preferred
  • 5+ years leadership/supervisory experience preferred
  • Benefit experience preferred, payroll experience helpful
  • Healthcare experience helpful

Driver & Reimbursement Requirements:

A valid state driver’s license, personal vehicle, vehicle insurance and a good driving record are required.  Position requires travel and is authorized for mileage reimbursement.

Essential Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Must possess good customer service skills
  • Must possess effective reasoning and deductive ability
  • Must be organized, detail oriented and able to adapt quickly to stressful work environment
  • Must be able to work in team environment, as well as independently
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English (grammar, spelling, writing, and verbal skills)
  • Must be able to read, correctly interpret and follow written guidelines/protocols
  • Must be able to learn and apply new skills
  • Must be able to prioritize multiple tasks to work efficiently
  • Must be able to direct and evaluate performance of staff
  • Must have the ability to self-check to minimize errors
  • Must have the ability to use personal initiative for self-direction of work projects
  • Must have understanding of accounting and billing policies and procedures
  • Must consistently exhibit mature and tactful attitude
  • Must maintain confidentiality when dealing with accounting, payroll and medical information
  • Must be able to communicate in Spanish helpful
  • Experience using a 10-key adding machine required
  • Accounting software experience required and Great Plains experience preferred
  • Medical software experience preferred
  • Excellent computer and keyboarding skills: Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook required, Access preferred

Essential Job Functions & Duties:

  1. Maintains effective verbal, written and listening communication with staff and superiors
  2. Screens applications, resumes and testing; interviews and makes recommendations regarding potential employees
  3. Defines performance expectations for new and existing staff and provide on-going feedback (both positive and negative)
  4. Actively conducts or closely monitors others that conduct new employee orientation and training
  5. Assigns job responsibilities
  6. Supervises and evaluates employee performance
  7. Conducts and documents scheduled meetings with staff to allow performance “barriers” to be discussed and resolved
  8. Continually develop staff by providing on-going training to maintain or enhance employee skill level
  9. Identifies the need for corrective action plans, develops a plan (with assistance) and follows plan with adequate documentation
  10. Completes and presents employee evaluations by due date
  11. Maintains time and attendance record keeping for employees
  12. Presents attendance memos within 7 days of receipt of weekly attendance reports
  13. Participates in planning/developing department reorganization or new positions
Quality Assurance
  1. Develops and maintains standard operating procedures for repetitive tasks
  2. Monitors fee schedule and accounting processes on an on-going basis; recommends and implements changes or revisions as needed
  3. Accomplishes routine reviews of staff’s work to identify areas of strength or weakness and develops corrective processes as needed
  4. Provides guidance to others regarding government or industry regulations or requirements
  1. General
    1. Fully understands procedures and processes used in department in order to provide support, guidance, training, and evaluation of assigned staff
    2. Serves as back-up for Accounting Supervisor-AA (AS-AA) and Staff Accountant (SA)
    3. Configures and maintains software and develops reports
    4. Oversees all accounting functions for assigned companies
    5. Processes accounts payables for assigned companies
    6. Develops, maintains and updates linked spreadsheets
  2. Overall responsibility for all accounting functions, including general ledger, accounts payable, receivable balancing and tracking, refunds, medical software maintenance and support functions
    1. Ensures that the General Ledger is accurate, complete and timely
    2. Ensures that Account Payable transactions are accurate and timely
    3. Ensures that TMC Revenue Accounting is accurate
    4. Ensures that Payment Posting transactions are timely and accurate
    5. Ensures that Refund transactions are timely and accurate
    6. Ensures that Tax, Compliance and Financial Reporting are accurate and timely
    7. Ensures that Management Reporting is accurate and timely
  3. Medical Software Administration
    1. Calculates fee and allowable amounts based on new and existing contracts as variables change
    2. Adds, updates and inactivates information to maintain changes to fee and contract libraries, including exceptions
    3. Adds, updates and inactivates providers
    4. Using Mass Update software attach contracts to new payers and attaches contract and service item exceptions to providers
    5. Provides input for revisions and updating of printed fee schedules
  4. Other Investment Companies, S-Corporations, LLCs and LPs
    1. Prepares all ongoing and year end accounting for assigned companies
    2. Prepares required minutes or resolutions
  5. Annual 1099’s
    1. Maintains updated Texas MedClinic vendor W-9s
    2. Prepares annual 1099s and 1096
  6. Management Reporting
    1. Configures and maintains software and develop reports
    2. Maintains and generates scheduled FRX reports
    3. Prepares six month management reports for Texas MedClinic
    4. Maintains and updates doctor payroll analysis
    5. Completes work comp end of year policy audits
    6. Calculates property tax projections
    7. Revises rent calculation annually
    8. Creates, runs and/or evaluates reports or statistical information as needed to effectively manage department staff
  7. Fixed Assets
    1. Updates depreciation software monthly
    2. Tracks and updates moves and disposals
    3. Prepares annual reports for tax accountant
  8. ACH Payments
    1. Develops and maintains acceptable language and terms for agreements
    2. Reviews and evaluates requests
    3. Coordinates with requestor to assure adequate posting information
  9. PCI Compliance
    1. Serves as administrator on credit card and PCI websites
    2. Updates all required PCI questionnaires annually
    3. Ensures quarterly PCI scans are scheduled, completed and passed
  1. Interacts with staff members professionally
  2. Follows company policies and procedures (time and attendance, appropriate attire, etc)
  3. Correctly uses office equipment
  4. Works safely
  5. Other duties as assigned
  6. Must be punctual and reliable in attendance

Customer Service Skills:

  1. Provides support to accounting staff by helping them resolve questions or problems related to their assigned duties
  2. Provides support to other administrative staff, clinic staff and physicians by helping them resolve questions or problems related to payroll or accounting
  3. Provides support to external vendors by helping them resolve questions or problems related to accounting or payroll
  4. Documents complaints with full descriptions and recommendations for solutions and forward to supervisor
  5. Performs duties with a smile and a positive attitude
  6. Meets the service expectations of patients, internal customers and external customers
  7. Resolves problems identified by patients, internal customers and external customers
  8. Follows through on commitments
  9. Interacts with co-workers in other departments in a manner that promotes teamwork and facilitates company goals

Working Conditions & Risks:

Work is normally indoors in a well-lighted and seasonally heated and cooled business office.  Job hazards are estimated to be minimal (low risk).  Potential risk exists from accidents while using routine office equipment or from storing and moving files.  The Accounting Manager is expected to be safety conscious at all times.

Physical Requirements:

Position requires prolonged sitting, computer use, and some walking and standing.  Repetitive motion consists of extended periods of upper limb movements including arms, hands, and wrists.  Good vision, good hearing, and clear speech required (all correctable).  Capable of lifting 30 pounds of weight or more on an occasional basis (such as boxes of supply items or stored records).

Job Location

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